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Full featured cloud backup: features include automatic backup, true archiving, versioning, continuous backup, mapped drive backup and more.
  • Incremental and compressed backups that significantly reduces your network bandwidth usage by transferring only modified portions of files
  • Enhanced security with encryption on transfers, strong encryption on storage with a user defined key
  • Works behind most firewalls
  • Standard ports for secure backup operation to avoid problems with ISP and/or firewalls and closed ports
  • Proxy support enables you to setup connections via proxy network connection
  • Easy options to control bandwidth usage
  • Add files and folders to backup set from anywhere on Windows Explorer
  • Scheduled backup even if system is logged off
  • Automatic power off after completion of the job
  • Hands free backup of most common types of application and data
  • Detailed status of backup files

  • Cloud backup
  • E-Mail filtering engine
  • Dynamic DNS
  • One-Time e-mail address antispam service
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